I bought my home over 5 years ago

If you have lived in your home for more than 5 years, you will have paid off a respectable amount of your initial home loan. You may now be in a position to spread your wings a little, treat yourself to some more significant home improvements or something else.


It is quite usual to consider buying a second home for yourselves or for an investment. It is also possible to secure a loan on your property for a new car, boat or other items.

As an island, a boat isn’t just an extravagance, it’s a form of freedom. If you’re at the stage of life where you want to treat yourself, or your family, we can help. Visit us for a personal loan for any reason.

A second home or a summer residence can offer security and comfort to your family. There are a number of options for customers who want to buy a second home or a summer residence and we can help with most of them. Visit us to discuss your needs further.


Buy-to-Let has become a popular way to invest, as it is attracting better yields than other types of investments.

The Buy-to-Let Loan provides you with the required finance to purchase an investment property with the intention to rent it out. You may be just one step away from being able to invest in an additional residential property which could produce favourable financial rewards.


Another popular project you might consider is an eco-loan to add solar panels, underfloor heating or other green technology to your home. If you’re planning to take advantage of the government’s scheme to help you afford some solar panels, you may need a little help with the rest.

As a responsible lender, we can help. Talk to us if you’re planning a green project and are considering an eco-loan.

Savings and investments

As a responsible, ethical bank, we would encourage all our customers to save as much as they can afford. You never know when you might need a little help and savings are a great way of making it through challenging times.

We also provide a range of investment services for building your investment portfolio. We can offer expert advice on retirement planning, investment planning and more. Contact us today if you’re planning on saving or investing for the future. We would be happy to help.

Study Loan

Study loans are ideal for those who want to go back to school or university to further their education. The aim of a study loan is to provide the finance needed to complete a course of study without having to worry about money.

As an ethical lender within the community, we can provide as much help as you need to further yourself and your career. Talk to one of our expert advisers about a study loan today!


Children's Saving Plan

Teaching children the value of money and getting them into the habit of saving is a great value to communicate. Living within your means is the very best way to live a happy, productive life without debt and worry.

Our Children’s Saving Plan is ideal for families looking to teach the next generation about personal finance and the value of saving. Contact us to learn more.


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